Export prototype to video or gifs

+1 for this feature too. Hope it gets prioritised

Add me you the list of people who want this feature.

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Whoulb be better to export the gif with a transparent background

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We need this!

+1 on this feature!

I would really love that this could be a new feature, I have found myself talking to members of the team about how to show prototypes and people usually ask if I have a gif or a video to show.



I have a similar request. But, instead of exporting a video, I’d like to embed an audio file synced to a cursor follow. That would allow reviews to get a tour natively in the file so they can add comments.

Oh my God, you changed my life with Kap!! Thank you so much!!

You can try https://gifcap.dev/. to record and export your prototype screen in GIF animation

For guidance watch the video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NKzs-cK4og