Export prototype to video or gifs

It’s been a year and still nothing on this


would really love it if it was prioritized

+1 I have a workaround for this (screen recording, converting to GIF), but can only get the touch cursor when using a device. Added that idea here. This would be so useful!

Please, make this happen. I design marketing banners all the time with Figma and I would love to move my animation workflow to Figma.

Just adding that I would love this feature too. So often I don’t want to send clients into a prototype to see interactions. (can be multiple reasons, it is more difficult for some people to understand how to navigate prototypes, takes time setting up well, often kicks off feedback at a time that’s not helpful etc) but showing them a looping GIF over Slack gets them really excited & is a good way of communicating an idea without exposing the whole working file.

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+1 on that. Figma Prototypes to SVG/MP4

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+1 for videos and GIFs on animations with “After delay”

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Yes having this feature is going to save me from so much stress and also help me save time

+1 here. I have been trying to export a small animation I’ve made and screen recording is pain to be honest.

For anyone wanting videos of prototypes in PPT there’s a screen record feature built-in to PPT, Recording → Screen Recording.

@Svensson_Henrik_2 PPT = Powerpoint? Do you know if there is one for keynote?

Never used keynote, sorry. There was mention of “Kap” as a recording software for Mac though.

+1, just meet this exporting problem, recording my screen is not a good solution, video quality is really low

Yep. Gotta say Adobe XD has had this for ages. It’s so awesome.

+1 for this type of feature as well. It’s nice to be able to prototype out a simple loading animation for instance using some transitions, but can’t hand that off to any devs without having to go through some other tools.

Actually, CSS or JSON exports would be nice. I think some people already mentioned it.

This is currently my #1 wish along with a timeline & keyframes between screns (as InVision Studio has). I need this feature so much! I wish I don’t need to go through a hell and purgatory in After Effects to put together even 2s video or screen capture my prototypes in some obscure way. Life would be so much nicer.

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I have no idea why but my original reply to this thread was flagged as promotional.

I have ZERO affiliation with the company and it’s a Figma plugin that anyone can find and use.

so, here we go again, Bannerify Banner Studio | Figma Community looks to be a super helpful tool to solve many of the problems being discussed here.

Yeah i have the same need but would prefer to export it as GIF

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:rofl: I really need this feature