Export from Figma to InDesign

Theoretically yes, as a ZXP file.
It should also be available in the Adobe Exchange portal at some point.
However, we have currently only taken over the basic properties to Indesign, but for us it would almost be enough.
Figma has many things that we will not transfer to Indesign. Also, a Figma frame or Figma section must currently exist, these are then taken over as their own Indesign pages.
If you could provide us with a Figma file, then we can already see if the Indesign plugin is ready for a public version.
The import is done directly via the Figma Api, either via the team section or a direct link to the project.
Either a link to a public Figma project or Project key with personal access tokens.

Hi @Miek I´d love to try that plugin you built. I have a doc in figma I built and I want to try publish online with some giffs with the indd tool. Is there anyway i can try your plugin??

Thanks so much!

I put the first version of the plugin on exchange.adobe.com today.
However, it will probably take a few days until Adobe releases the plugin.
It is called MkitF2I.


Hi, do you have a link to the plugin? I can’t seem to find it.

@Rodrigo16 As I have already written, Adobe needs a few days to release the plug-in.
Simply search for it on Adobe Exchange in the next few days.
I will also post the link here as soon as I have received the release.

the plugin is online

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Hi! How do I know which local image folder to use?

Any local directory on your mac or pc, for the images that are loaded by Figma.

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Hi @Miek , Thanks a lot for your help! This saved me a lot of work!!!

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@Liliana_Reis Thank you for your feedback.
I am very pleased that it has made your work easier.

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There is a 1 round about way to do this. I know of a colleague that ran into this a few months ago. The exported to PowerPoint using the Figma PowerPoint plug-in and then imported that PPT file using another tool. Dont remember quite the tool but he swore by it.

I’m gettin an error as its trying to import. Something to do with my labeling of the Local Image Folder. I’m on a mac. How can i phrase that correctly? “Downloads” or what?

You have to enter the “real” unix path at mac.
where “snm” is my username which you have to replace with yours.

Miek, thank you for responding to me so quickly, as I needed this so badly!
Thanks so much for creating this! :grinning:

Miek, Thank you for creating this. Unfortunately, I’m getting Renderer errors when importing “TEXT: No document is open”. Do you know what might be causing this?

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