Export an image, right into the same Figma file

It’s 2022 and I’ve still never seen a software that solves this; exporting an image to my hard drive or elsewhere, and importing it into Figma is tedious, and at least 4 to 6 extra clicks. It’s a very high probability that I’m exporting the image so I can use it in a different form, inside the same Figma file, if I’m not handing it over to the dev team.

Say we’re working on a mock-up to use on the presentation cover; some multiple iPads or iPhones that have the design on the screen. Why do we always need to export the screens to the hard drive, then import them back into the Figma file so that we can rescale them down to use in a unique layout design on the cover? We know that we can’t rescale any frame proportionally because of the responsive design constraints and how the frame reacts to the rescaling attempt, and yet there isn’t any way around to do this.

Would love to be able to export components and screens right into the Figma file with basically one click. This would be awesome! Or another approach to this could be the ability to create some sort of “smart layers (or objects - like on Photoshop)” that are completely locked in terms of the layout, so they proportionally rescale up or down, retaining the same layout and design property values (with the same stroke thicknesses, masks etc) until they’re unlocked, (maybe?) so that I can reuse them in all sorts of mockups in various layouts for any aspect ratio or size of a frame.

Would love this to happen.

I don’t quite understand your problem, but it seems to me that what you described can be done in Figma.

You can do without export and achieve the result in the following ways:

  • Copy screen as PNG and paste;
  • Or duplicate the screen and use the “Rasterize selection” function.

You can create an entire screen component and then use an instance of it. To proportionally change the dimensions and any properties of this instance (or any objects), you just need to use the Scale tool (K shortcut).

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Wow, Figma’s become complex since I left the last time. Probably shouldn’t have posted without looking deeper into it. Except for the rasterize, all the suggested solutions work exactly how I needed. Thanks!

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