Exploring @Figma's potential in an entirely new light


Exploring @Figma’s potential in an entirely new light! :rocket: Just envisioned a revolutionary interface experiment – with the goal of achieving supreme flexibility and customization. Stay tuned as I expedite the realization of this concept. Design tailored to fit YOU! :art:

:art: Embracing innovation: Introducing the Flexible and Adaptive Toolbar! :rocket: Envision a toolbar that gracefully moves around your screen – whether at the top, bottom, left, or right – combining Figma’s fluidity with macOS’s sleekness. The realm of design knows no limits! :sparkles: #AdaptiveToolbar

:tada: Unleashing the power of personalization! :rocket: Side panels, Layers panel, and properties – you envision it, you arrange it. :art::boom: Customize your workspace to harmonize with your creative process. Your design, your rules! :star2:

And what if we harnessed the central area to dynamically display tools based on the active layer as it is now? Picture it as a dynamic island, where commands and add-ons can be seamlessly explored. The possibilities are endless :wink:

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See the Full Design video on Friend of Figma Cairo

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Love the concept but please next time write the description in your own words instead of using chatgpt cringe.


Agree with you Chatgpt wrote it in cringe way :joy:

Awesome work! :rocket:

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Thank you buddy :star_struck:

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