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Existing component has a variant that freezes the file when selected

Discovered this today, this was working fine previously.

We have a design kit component being used in another file, it has a rooted element with 3 variants. When I try to change it to the first two variants, there is no problem. When I select the third one, the file freezes (but not the desktop application).

Tried copy/pasting the component into other files and it works in some but not others (have not been able to figure out a pattern).

Going to continue to troubleshoot, but any help would be appreciated.

Re-creating a copy of the same component in the library and using it in the same file is successful.

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Since this is a bug, you need to report it with all the details and the file link to Figma support team via the bug report form.

Okay thanks. Posted here in case it was user error rather than a bug :slight_smile:

There was actually a quick fix for it. Haven’t used the native repair quick action before and running that seems to have fixed the problem.