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Exclude frame from prototype

I want to exclude frame from prototyping application.
I do not want these frames to be listed in the interaction dropdown.
I do not want them to be grab by the draggable anchor.

Here is a video where explain why

:scream:my accent is terrible - I apologize

Hi! There’s no way currently to build prototypes between frames nested in a larger frame. Therefore, you will need to move the screens you want to prototype outside of the annotation frame you have them inside. You can make it still look the same without nesting by locking the annotation frame and visually placing the screen designs on top.

Hi @Ana_Boyer

thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

If you look carefully, you’ll see that it’s the case.
None of my frames are inside the annotation one.

To lock it, will not avoid that the draggable interaction anchor automatically select it.

I would love that, a prefix with “.” or a “_” solve this annoying trouble…
And to my mind it makes sens since you already use those characters to ignore some styles and assets in the list.

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