Exclude colors from listing in Selection colors box

Hi, I work with the generic UI and design tokens for my projects. Sometimes I use external SVG assets (e.g. social media icons, etc) which after selecting them their colors appear in the Selection colors box. I’d love to ignore them from being listed there (e.g. when I prepare a library of rich media assets).

Selection colors box helps me lint my designs and connect everything into colors from the design system. Don’t really want to clash it with placed SVGs.

Any idea how to do it?


This is the feature most designers asked for, it’s not for hand-off but for editing purposes :slight_smile:. Try to use Inspect, which is meant for devs and non-designers in general, and everything will become clear.

If you don’t need these colours in the design system library, simply exclude them from publishing.

On the other hand, I’ve noticed that once a certain colour is defined, it’s very hard to track it and get rid of it which easily leads to littering the design system library :expressionless:

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This feature would be super useful.

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Hello, I would like to add my voice to this issue, less from a workflow angle and more from a performance perspective. When I import some complex SVG assets that may have hundreds of colours, it really slows the editor to a crawl and can take a minute to open up the colour palette. It would be great to just bulk-ignore all colours for a given layer.

Hey Adam, if I have an Assets library where I hold some SVG assets (icons, logos, etc) that holds their own colors (as HEX values) then there’s no way of excluding them from publishing.

One solution, as mentioned here, to have a checkbox to exclude these colors from being included in Selection colors panel.

Simply put – I don’t want to mix SVG assets colors (as components or variants) with my design library colors.

This also messes up the design lint plugins :slight_smile:

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I would love this feature, we do a lot of illustrations in Figma and these colour pollute our design colours. Please make a way for us to exclude frames/objects from being shown there.

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