Even with edit access, be able to lurk in view to prevent autosaves when just browsing

Even with edit access, it would be nice to be able to enable a feature to lurk in a view-like mode to prevent autosaves when just browsing others’ files within an organization.

Of course, there are certain things in edit mode that one would still like to see, such as variant properties, etc.

Ultimately, I just wish I could see all I need to see in others’ files and stop Cmd-Z’ing all the time to undo all the history of what I’ve clicked on in an effort to prevent auto-saves from clogging up the version history, when in fact I never changed anything (or at least never intended to-- which is another reason to have this as a “safe mode” for those with edit access that are just browsing around).

Yes, I know I could duplicate and look there… but it can be confusing as well if the file is not moved to Draft, and this shows up in the audit log, etc. Also, sometimes non-designers who have edit access don’t want to muck up something in the file by mistake.


*moved to Drafts (where is the Edit function for a newly-created post??)

Also, to add to the reasoning in my last point, if you duplicate a file to try to view it, all the comments disappear. So, for all the points given, it would be great if there was a quick command we could use to prevent making inadvertent changes on files that we only wanted to view.


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