Essential: Multiple Device Wrappers in Prototype Mode

Currently, the workflow for previewing responsive design on multiple devices is cumbersome and at the same time looks terrible when shared.

The need is for the prototype to

  1. Show the appropriate responsive version of the screen
  2. “Know” which screen is at which breakpoint.

The above is ideal scenario so we can send out 1 link to stakeholder or users for testing and they can see it on whatever device they are using from phone to big screen. The result is no Figma generated device wrapper but a more natural experience of the physical device held in user’s hands.

At minimum, enable attaching each flow with a specific device wrapper so we can create multiple flows inside a single Figma page for multiple devices. The will results being able to see many screens and flows in the correct Figma device wrapper from the Flow inspector in Prototype mode.

In a single Flow inspector, we should be able easily switch between flows to see the correct Figma provided device wrapper on the right all for the same exact flow

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Portrait
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Landscape
  • Surface Pro Portrait
  • Surface Pro Landscape
  • Laptop 13"
  • Laptop 15"
  • Desktop 24"

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