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Error XHR " api/files/create" failed with status 401

When I click on Create it shows this error XHR " API/files/create" failed with status 401 how to solve it?

Where is is that you’re seeing this?

A 401 is an authorization error and it suggests that your account lacks the required permissions to do what you are attempting (creating a file).

I am also seeing this error today.

When creatng a new Figma document via CMD (⌘) + N I see an error.

Open Figma. Go to Drafts. Press CMD (⌘) N to create a new file. Also happens when Recent is selected.

Should open a new Figma file

No file is created, instead I see the error “XHR for “/api/files/create” failed with status 401” which appears in what looks like a red toast.

Operating System
mas OS 10.15.17

Figma Version:
Figma Desktop App version 95.8

Issue Resolved
I am no longer experiencing this issue after quitting Figma, and subsequently upgrading to Figma Desktop App version 96.4

For future reference, bugs need to be reported to Figma support team via the bug report form.

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