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Error on duplicate a page with linked interactions

When duplicate a page with linked interactions, the new page is always omit some interactions already linked. The reason is those interactions are applied to one master. And a master itself can not duplicatable. May question is, do we have some walk-arounds for this case?

I haven’t tried this but what happens if you detach instances from this main component? Will connections on them stay or not? And as another option you can always simply create a new component and link instances on the new page to it (can be done a bit more easily with my plugin Master) and then set up connections in the new main component again.

Thanks for reply, Gleb. When I detach instances from this main component, the connections still not working. In my case, I have to make Plan B, C, D … of a same design. So I have to duplicate one for editing with a very small change. However, the missing of connections low down my productive.