Error al querer editar textos

Hola! tengo un problema en todos los tableros de Figma, que al querer editar cualquier cuadro de dialogo, me sale este error: Error ID: d507d893989a499c9d092c77d7fd8c09 , a alguien más le pasó? Qué solución hay?

Hi @Giuliana_De_Francisco, Thank you for getting in touch about this issue.

I’ve tried to find information regarding this error code, but unfortunately, I haven’t come across anything related so far.

I see that you’ve already submitted a ticket to our support team regarding this matter—thank you for taking the time to do that. Your ticket number is #1023345 for your reference. Please kindly wait for their response.

In the meantime, if you encounter an “A?” icon and are blocked from editing text, I recommend checking this article: Missing Font Alert in Figma Design.

Additionally, if anyone from our community has any workaround or insight for this error code, please feel free to share here!

Thanks again for reaching out and for your patience as our support team look into this matter on your ticket.