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Enterprise admin communication to all workspace members

  1. Currently there is no way to mass contact all users within an Enterprise Figma workspace. There have been instances when it would have been nice to contact the members in the application through notifications or even posting a temporary banner at the top. Being able to contact through an email or connect to Microsoft Teams would be even better.

  2. There was a yellow banner that showed all users within the workspace that the account had not been paid, even though our procurement team was in contact and had settled it with Figma. We initially thought this was only in the Admin view, but turns out everyone with access to Figma could see it. It would have been nice to be able to send out a notification or message to all users that it was being handled, rather than having members panic about saving work within their accounts and being bombarded with messages and emails about it.

Often, the people who have admin privileges within a design tool are not the people paying for the design tool. It would be great to be able to easily let Figma know that it’s being covered, as well as quell the fears of all the users in the workspace.

  1. Please add more functionality to Enterprise workspaces!

Not 100% the same you’re asking, but you can already send an email to everybody in an Organization, or a filtered subset of all members:

  1. Go to the members list, select all members (with the checkbox next to the “Name” column). Optionally you can apply some filters first, to send an email only to guests or editors, or people who haven’t been active in the last x months.

  2. At the floating panel that will appear bottom center, select “copy emails”

  3. In your email client, plaste them into the To: field. They will be added separated by semicolons, so ready to send.

Wow, thanks @luiscamino, I’m not sure I would have ever noticed it down there on my own, but it’s indeed what we need - THANK YOU for the tip.