Enhanced Prototype functions

Hi folks.
Excuse me for my english but I will try to explain.
I have a problem. There is a “dropdown menu” component that looks like “hamburger” icon and a list of items that appears when user clicks on icon. Each item should lead to other frame. In other words, it is a simple navigation that is used on any website. And instances of this component are placed on different frames (website pages) at the top with “no scrolling”. So I click on hamburger-icon. List appears. And when I click on one of the menu items I should jump to another frame in its initial state - with collapsed menu. As it should be on websites. Ex: I have a list - home, about, gallery etc. Initially flow starts on “Home frame” with collapsed menu. I click on hamburger-icon → menu opens → I click on “About” item and jump to “About frame” which initial state is also with collapsed menu . Then I click again on hamburger-icon → menu opens → I choose “Home” and return to Home frame. This frame should be with collapsed menu. But it remains with opened menu from previous visit. Then I click again on “About”, jumps again to “About page” and now it is also with opened menu.
I’ve tried to work around this issue by adding “Mouse leave” interaction (by the way, this is not exactly a workaround, because when you move mouse away from menu, it should really disappear by design after some delay) in hope that jumping on other frame will be concidered a mouse leaving. No effect. Apparently different instances of menu component placed on different frames and even named differently, count as one.
Also I’ve tried to combine “Touch up/down” and “Tap” interactions but unfortunately it doesn’t works properly.
I see that this problem has not been solved for a year.
It would be very cool if

  1. we could choose “reset/don’t reset frame to initial state” option during frame selection in the “Navigate to” interaction
  2. interactions had several actions
    Ex: ON TAP → Navigate to Frame THEN Change to State THEN Show Overlay THEN
  3. interactions with one component could control other components interactions
    Ex: ON TAP → Change THIS component to State
    or ON TAP → Change OTHER Component to StateOfOtherComponent

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