Enhanced alignment keyboard shortcuts idea (Feature Request)

I re-align elements exclusively with keyboard shortcuts and find myself mildly annoyed that I have to move my hands to the mouse to also set the correct pinning / resizing and text alignment options.

I’d like a more fluid way of doing that all at once with only keys

Example: “Align Right” on a text element:

  • Align bounds (like it works today)
  • Set text alignment to “Right” align
  • Maybe: also set horizontal resizing / pinning options to “right”

A couple ideas for triggers:

  • Pressing the same alignment shortcut twice in a row / or in quick succession
  • Pressing and holding an alignment shortcut

Potential issues:

  • I can imagine this would be undesirable when you have a lot of different types of elements selected. Perhaps this would only work when exclusively text elements are selected?

Potential workarounds:

  • Make a simple plugin and use Mac’s native keyboard shortcut bindings to assign an unused keyboard shortcut with this behavior.

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