Enable referencing of figma and figjam files

It would be useful if Figma allowed internal referencing of figjam or figma files, in the same way that AutoCAD does. So, rather than copying and pasting between two files, the user can create a frame, and in that frame capture a ‘freeze frame’ of the other file. Then, if the referenced file is updated, it will also change in the file where it is referenced.

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Thank you! Only possible in Figjam, correct? Not possible to reference a figjam file inside a figma file?

Yes, you can create such objects only in the FigJam file.

It’s possible. This is done in exactly the same way as described above. Just copy the link to the file or object of the FigJam file.

But in the latter case, it is just a link, there is no preview, right? You can’t view the figjam object or file inside the figma file.

With preview. Exactly the same as with a link to a file or object of the Figma file.

Maybe I am missing something, but the only way I can get a preview in a normal Figma file, is if I create it in the Figjam file and then paste the frame into the Figma file.

If I simply paste the Figjam file link into Figma, I just get a text url.

That’s right. That’s exactly what I wrote that this should be done in FigJam, and creating link previews (both Figma and FigJam files) is possible only in FigJam.

Please see this Help Center article:

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