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Embedded images and Remote Assets not loading

Old old issue that is apparently still around and screwing up my entire work workflow…could Figma QA maybe like, fix this? This is pretty basic stuff…

“Very soon :upside_down_face:” 2 years ago…

This is happening on my team too. Actually, it’s happening with any remote resource (including shared library stuff that hasn’t already been used in the file).

It appears to be resolved in Figma’s Beta app, but I don’t want to make my team use something that’s generally a little less stable (if more bleeding-edge).

Any news on this Figma? Would love some help!

Can I suggest something like
“Embedded images and Remote Assets not loading” for the title?

It seems these issues might be related. Here’s a screenshot of my assets panel. And I can’t switch to styles in a remote library that haven’t been used in the file yet.

I just created a support ticket for this on the support forum.

Done :ok_hand:

@Sean_Rice Yeah, i pay for a very expensive Plugin (Figmatic Pitchdeck) to organize presentations in Figma and use lots of images to do so. Perhaps they’d like to refund my $200 and I’ll just go back to Keynote exclusively

In a pinch, you might try the Figma Beta desktop app, which seems to not have this problem for some reason.

ill check it out :ok_hand:

This problem appears to be resolved for me. Not sure what happened! Is it still happening for you @Zac_Elletson ?

@Sean_Rice Yeah same here, looks like it’s mostly resolved. I’m guessing an update they pushed out broke some regression tests or something, but glad that’s fixed!