Embed videos, essential feature request

It would be great to be able to embed videos into Figma designs.

3 possible ways would be:

  1. Upload a video (.mp4, .webm, .ogg)
  2. YouTube
  3. Vimeo

The lack of this feature is holding back more of my team from using Figma. With video there’d be more users on this awesome design platform.


youtube and vimeo already works. What’s missing is taking timestamp parameter into account.

figma is not a video hosting service :slight_smile:
normally you can host video elsewhere and point to it through iframe. Problem is I remark some iframes did work and now don’t work anymore Embed Regression ? I can't embed some iframe anymore :frowning:

I’m in agreement here. To be able to embed videos would be a big help – or embed a link and have it resolve to play in Figma.

We use videos a lot to help explain the process, design ideas and share thoughts.

Being able to include this directly into the designs/analysis would be perfect.

Video notes are very popular these days.


I can’t switch my team from Adobe Xd to Figma because of this. The extermly complicated way to add video in Xd : drag and drop.
Nowadays, all websites have videos. Try to find an high-end trademark website without embedded video…
So that means that you can’t use Figma for working on website?
The autolayout is so good, what a waste…
I’m really mad…


Video would be such a great help in using Figma as presentation tool. Gif’s are not very efficient and the fan just goes beserk whenever I use a gif.

We use lot of video prototypes to communicate concepts and it is a bummer that we can’t do videos, though Figma is built for the browser / web.

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+1 for this feature. would be extremely useful, especially for prototyping. Uploading natively to figma and/or embedding from third party platforms would be my preference. Thanks!

I recently switched from Keynote to Figma for presentation design and would absolutely LOVE if Figma offered this feature. In Keynote you can easily drag and drop a video file like mp4 or m4v into the presentation and resize it. You can’t do that in Figma and the only workaround of using a gif is clunky, and also lacks audio.

At my agency, we like to layer user research video clips alongside new feature designs for client presentations, so the ability to add video with audio to a presentation built in Figma would allow us to have the designs and final slide deck in the same place.

Please build this feature so I never have to use Keynote again and can just use Figma all day.


I agree, I was recently designing a movement-centered website, and really wanted to show this vibe through a video playing in the background of landing page. Using gifs (even shortened to a few seconds) significantly deteriorated the quality and the viewing experience, so it’s not ideal while presenting the design idea to someone.

+1 The majority of prototyping tools support this. Aside from making the Figma prototype feel even more realistic, this capability would also enable interesting hacks - for example playing a video of form fields being filled or typed in. Who knows what else!

I was hoping for this announcement at Config and am bummed it has not happened yet.