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Embed Frame as Image

  1. We are using Figma to build out our design system. So far so good.
  2. we use storybook with our devs to for the live version
  3. We have lots of image examples that we want to publish in our docs. Right now the process is export, upload to dev site in markdown, publish.
  4. Live embed is cool, but is limited to only an iframe, and it shows the Viewer UI and wrapper, and is pannable, scrollable.

The ask:

  • Low hanging fruit. Add some parameters on the iframe that renders just the frame, only the frame, and can’t be scrolled or panned.
  • Better experience: allow shareable urls that resolve to static PNGs. This could allow for an insane amount of awesome usecases. Example <img src="" />.
  • If either of these options worked, we would stub out all of the artboards that we need for our live doc site, and have the designers contribute directly from Figma.
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You can already use Figma’s REST API to export images in such a way (but you can’t link to them directly, you need a server that would process and save them). Allowing the embedding of images in such an easy way would of course be cool, but I don’t think Figma would do it as it would put a strain on its systems (if images would be embedded on popular websites) without any clear advantages for Figma itself. If that was a separate paid service, would you pay for it? How much? I can probably make it at some point in the future.

Update: Turns out this paid service already exists!

Oh awesome, thanks! Just seemed like a cool idea that would meet a need.

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