Embebed login in the app, or relay to log on browser

I have a UX dilemma with a collage, building an app, mostly web base, but with dedicated Windows/Android/iOS app/executable (stores and so on), about the login process.

Build it within the app, like “everybody else” or externalize the process to the browser and return a token to the app to finalize the login.

For one hand, it seems naturally to do it in the app itself, especially on mobile, less friction, more standard, and the security do not seem to be the issue.

But for the mentioned scenario, users get first into the web, most of them will create the profile within the browser and so on, configure their account… ;and later on, download the app on the different platforms.

So, on the other hand, the login process of the apps can be relay from the app to the browser, avoiding inserting the username and password (if the browser is set to remember it). But we discuss if this adds friction, more steps, and probably place for errors. Some user may have more than one browser, or different platforms and credentials do not get sync across OS…

What do you guy think ??

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can I change the first asigned category?, not sure how (thoug ideas was about ideas, not only for ideas about figma)

Yes, when you click edit (pencil icon) you can change the category.

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