Elements inherit drop shadow from parent frame?


When I make a parent frame with drop shadow and add child frames to it, these child frames will also have drop shadow. Is there any way to prevent this behavior? I only need to have drop shadow for the parent frame and not child frame.

Sketch Dialog2021-11-23 at 17.34.11

Those internal frames are a part of the parent and thus reflected in the final shape. In order to not have them do this, you’ll need to pop these outside and above the frame with the drop shadow. You can than nest both of those into another parent frame or group if you want to keep them together

there problem in this case is that I won’t have the drop shadow any longer but I can’t use Auto Layout any longer since the red and grey element are no longer nested in the yellow frame. it is a pity that I can’t just deactivate that the elements inside of a frame inherit drop shadow. makes no sense why this happens in the first place. It won’t happen with Inner shadow.

The elements themselves aren’t getting a drop shadow, they’re just affecting the shape of the parent frame when clip content is off. You can definitely still use autolayout. However I don’t think you can get that overlap look with autolayout since it doesn’t support negative margins

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thank you, clip content did the trick! I did not actually need the overlap, I just showed it as demonstration. so I’m sorry for the confusion but clip content works perfectly!

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Ah got it. Glad you got it all worked out!

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