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Elements from library disappearing on files

Figma support team sent those “fixing steps” to me as well, but they didn’t work at all.

" In the files where those issue is occurring, can you try the following steps:
Select all layers
Launch quick commands (cmd /)
Search for and apply the option “Repair selected instances"

Now we are in the process of manually recreating our entire library and all the screens… which will take weeks. :frowning:

…and in the meantime, other components continue to break (randomly).

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I tried every solution listed here to no avail + support suggestion of making minor changes the parent and publishing.

Here are the steps that finally worked for me:

  1. Remove the problematic components from their variants
  2. Republish and accepted the changes in the connected files
  3. Problematic components ceases to disappear
  4. Go back to Component in the library - recombine the components back into a variant
  5. Republish and accepted the changes in the connected files

Everything appears again as designed.

This solution solved the problem for us. Thanks a lot for sharing @Helene Helene!

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Hello everyone ! Do you have any news about the cause of this bug? The quick fix with “Repaire selected instance” work well but we’re working on many huge files and it’s quite problematic… Thanks !