Educational plan merge

Hi everyone!

I need assistance with enabling the Education Plan on my existing Figma account linked to my Google email. I previously used my university email for education plan on this account, but it somehow got unlinked, and now I cannot log in with it. Consequently, I created a new Figma account with my school email to verify my educational status which I haven’t done yet.

However, I would like to keep my current projects and work on the original Google-linked account. Is it possible to transfer the Education Plan verification to this account or merge the two accounts?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @Aren_Jo , welcome to the community!

To clarify about the Education Plan, you need to have a school email address, and there is no automatic way to merge two Accounts. You will need to manually move all of the files from one account to the other.

You can accomplish this by transferring ownership of the Files and Teams between the two Accounts. The easiest way to accomplish this for individual files (i.e. files in Drafts) is to move them all into one Team or Project, and transfer ownership of that Team or Project to the new account.

Assigning ownership over Drafts will NOT move them to another account’s Drafts and any Files left in a Draft folder when that account is deleted will also be permanently deleted, regardless of the File’s owner.

There are a few methods you can use to move your files to different projects and teams. For a full guide on this, please check out our Help Center: Move files and projects

Hope this clarifies!

Hey. I can’t even copy the items in my google account’s files because they’re locked after the educational plan ended. How come i even had the education plan on it the whole time? i very clearly remember i could log into it from either google account linked login or typing in my school email as username.

Thanks for the details! I’d like our support team to investigate further your issue, I’ve shared your details to them.

We have re-opened your ticket. Please check your mail inbox, they replied to you. For your reference, your ticket number is: 1031494. Thank you!