Education team problem

Hi, I have some Education team problem.
I have been approved but I can’t create education team.I have registered my institution, but nothing changed.
When I’m creating a team, a no education plan proposal.

Can you help me?
Thank you.

Hi, I’ve got the same issue.
Have you got any solution ?


Unfortunately, No.
If you find some thing, please tell me.


Can u all tell me what type of restrictions yall are getting?

Well It’s quite simple.
I have no acces to the eduction plan. When i want to add a new project, i have the standard windows

I can’ add my students and so on…
I have checked my approval, and is ok.

Thank for your help

I am a tutor trying to switch Jamboard to FigJam. My current online student is under 13 years of age. Does that mean we cannot use this platform, or is there a way for younger students to join with a parental consent? Thanks for your help.