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Education team is limited to 3 projects?

does education plan limits team common projects to three files ?
How does that works ? Does it means that every student got unlimited files (its drafts) then share it, then unshare it ? And he have to retire it files frome team projects himself ?
Thanks for highlights…

Education teams don’t have such limits. If you’re seeing file limits in your team you probably didn’t upgrade this specific team from starter to education.

I got this account via my institution’s email and following the request by form, the request was accepted… Fortunately, we are coming to the end of the year and there will be fewer requests from students but what can I do to restore this status? Thank you…

Thank you, I found it, the status had to be updated again from basic status (change was probably due to the last update of Figma)

Yeah, Education status gives you the ability to make education teams. These are just like pro teams, but you can use them to collaborate with education users. If you got the restriction, that means you weren’t previously verified.

Make sure students verify at to get education benefits.
If your school does not appear in the dropdown, have them select “school not listed” and write it in.

Also Education teams now allow you to generate a join team link that you can share with your students.

Happy to help out with any other questions.