Editors not able to create or move files into Projects

We’re on the Professional plan for Figma and across the team have some people who are Editors in both Design & FigJam files with others who only have Editor permissions for FigJam. We have a number of Projects with default access permissions so members of the team can edit.

Those who only have Editor permissions for FigJam cannot create new FigJam files in any of the Projects, even those with the default team permissions to Edit. They can create FigJam files in their Drafts but then cannot move them from their Drafts into a Project.

To workaround and enable FigJam editors to both create and move FigJam files into Projects, I’ve had to go into each Project and add the FigJam editors with Editor permissions. This seems a bit long-winded and isn’t what I was expecting.

If Projects default to all team members given Edit permissions shouldn’t those people who have FigJam Editor permissions simply be able to create FigJam files in those Projects?


I’m getting this too, but not just Figjam, it’s the design files in Drafts that are affected most.

I’m getting this but even the "Create file" button is not available for FigJam Editor.
You need to have Design Editor rights.

Shoud we expect support on this ? or it’s not going to be dealt with ?

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