Editing text takes too many clicks

A lot of times it takes me 3 or more clicks to edit text in a drawn shape on FigJam. The first click opens settings inline for the shape itself. The second click highlights all the text in the shape. The third click finally gets me to where I want to edit. I would love to be able to do this faster and in a simplified way.

I just realized this only happens when I click on an area within a shape that doesn’t have text. I think the default behavior in this case should not be highlighting the whole text, but placing the curser either at the front or end of text, depending if clicking on bottom or top of shape.

Oh I also just learned the behavior is different depending on whether I previously was editing text in a shape or not. If not, then it selects all regardless of where I click (even when I click on a specific word or location). Highlighting one or more words in general doesn’t seem like the right first approach to editing text.

It also appears that if I wasn’t previously editing text, I can click a shape and wait a second, then it will let me click once to place a cursor. This is behavior I want, but all the time and without having to wait to click.

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