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Editable title from shared projects (changes will only be reflected on my side)

Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

As a design mentor, all my mentees share their Figma file with me. All the files have similar names since we work on the same curriculum. As a result, in my Figma, I have a list of shared files all named the same way which owner I am not able to identify; unless I click on each file one by one :confused:.

As a viewer only of my mentees’ projects, I wish there is a way to:

  • either edit their project title to include their name, which changes will be only reflected on my side (like any changes to a Google cal invite with limited permissions)
  • or a way to sort shared projects by author instead of project name, directly from the left panel
  • or… open to other ideas to get this job done

How do you guys handle the owner’s identification of shared projects?