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Edit Master Component in Context

I sent this via the request a feature utility, but wanted to share it here for other users to weight in on.

One cumbersome thing for me is when needing to edit a master component, I’m taken either to the page, file, or other location where the component file lives. It’s hard to visualize the changes in real time without having to manually move the component near the instance.

I suggest considering a component editor viewport that allows you to edit without going to a different file or location. Maybe nested in the right side as a panel, or just a floating window to be moved as desired?

Does anyone else have this issue and wish for a feature like this? I have found one plugin that does this for local components only:

Attached are some basic sketches of the problem and possible solution.

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There is a work around by pushing the overrides to the main component.

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Right, but not if you want to change layout, size, position, etc. And if you are trying to do responsive edits and iteration, and say maybe you want to do precise alignments of sub elements in a grid or adjacent to other elements as a whole.


Perhaps consider copying the page you’re working on into the master page, then move the master component onto the copy and edit it there? It’s not great but it’s an idea.

Here is a prototype I designed for this concept, along with tasks to follow.
I’d be happy to hear any feedback!



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Just stumbled across this – love the way Plasmic handles this! Would be a dream to edit master in place if desired.

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I’ll have to check out Plasmic!