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Duplicate missing from File menu

Trying to duplicate a coworker’s file (create a copy that I can edit without making changes to the original) but for me ‘Duplicate’ (as specified in the help pages) is missing from the File menu.

I’m inclined to think a permissions issue, but permissions are only briefly mentioned in the help page.

Perhaps your colleague has forbidden to duplicate the file. More details here:

Thanks. If that’s a possibility I’ll mention it.

Speaking with my coworker I have edit permission on that document, but I still don’t have a ‘Duplicate’ item in the File menu.
Is there a way to verify whether or not I have copy/duplication permission? Can I check the permissions I have on the document?
I’m going to pass the above help link (restrict who can copy and share files) but there’s not a lot of information on my end to go on to exactly specify what need be done. I can just infer the possibility of a menu item that the documentation mentions should be there but is not there.

If you currently have a file open, then click on the arrow next to the file name (for example, Drafts / YourFile ↓). Or have a look at this help file:

I see. Thanks. Yeah.
The docs mention the ‘file browser’ which I presume is the ‘file name’ you mention (in the center top of the screen as opposed to the File menu which is in the top right).
I had mistaken the ‘file browser’ for ‘file menu’
Oke this is resolved.

A file browser is a window with your drafts, recent files, teams, and more.