Duplicate Korean characters


As shown in the attached image, when using Korean, the last character is duplicated when entering text in the text box.

@JY_LEE Def. weird. I tested this on my end using 2-set Korean as the language default on my computer, and I was able to replicate when typing and entering into Figma. However, when I switched back to English (US) as my language default on my computer, but leaving Korean as my default keyboard input, it did not happen.

It does look like there’s some mixup happening, and a potential bug. I’m going to file a ticket to have this looked at, and will get back to you.

I’m not sure how long the response will take – Figma is currently on holiday, so this will be a slower process than normal. Let me know if there are any other issues you notice in the meantime.

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FYI @JY_LEE – this does seem to be a minor bug that our engineering team is already aware of and working on. Still can’t provide a timeline, but wanted to let you know it’s being looked at!

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Thank you for kind notice! I hope that the bug will be fixed someday.