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Dropdown - Would have expected a change in the instance and not the main component

Say you build a component with variants.

  • A dropdown with a Default, Hover and Pressed State.
  • The Pressed State show a series of Option, from 1 to 5 under it.
  • The Prototype inside the variant is that Hovering the default state change it to the Hover state and that clicking on the Hover state, change it to the Pressed state with the options panel just under it.
  1. You then create a frame and insert an Instance of the Select Component.
  2. You change to the Variant state to Pressed of this Instance and change all the options in there to ones you want to see for this instance,
  3. Then you revert to the Default state of the variant so you hide the options panel.

In prototype, it shows the COMPONENT Pressed State instead of the INSTANCE Pressed state. WHY?

It doesn’t make sense, considering the nature of components and Instances. It doesn’t make the Component reusable.I would need to create a component for each unique dropdown this way.

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