Dropdown over header doesn't work

hi everyone!
i am new to figma and ux design and i pretty much learn everything by myself and tutorials from various resources
i faced the problem where i need to create an interactive header for a landing page, but i can’t wrap my head around on how to make it work
it sould work this way: while i hover the mouse on the category it should open it and when i enter the are it should staythere, but it doesn’t and it just closes!

thanks in advance!
ps: if anybody would be ready to mentor me or be my study buddy - that would be awesome! can’t always find motivation to do it all alone

Hey @alyshangina, welcome to the forum and to Figma!

I’d recommend checking out this thread about the difference between “Mouse Enter” and “While Hovering.” The TL;DR is you want to have the category text use “While hovering” to trigger an overlay of the menu of items within that category.

Let me know if additional explanation would be helpful!

Alice, thank you so much! Finally figured it out

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