Drag & Drop image directly into Mask / Canvas

When we want to add a new image and put it in a mask, we have to do a bunch of extra steps such as:

1. Import image
2. Resize it
3. Select both layers
4. Shortcut (CTRL+ALT+M) for mask

Instead we could possibly just drag & drop it directly into the mask from desktop.

While with one image this is not a problem, I found it annoying after doing this process xxx times.

I think it would be very useful especially when we have bunch of placeholder images that we want to replace quickly.

I’m ex-user of Adobe XD and I really loved this feature there, so it would be maybe nice to consider adding something like this :slight_smile:

What do you guys think? :slight_smile:


Would love this too, I’m surprised this didn’t get any votes yet.

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