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Double billed - anyone else have this happen?

We paid for an annual subscription in October but noticed that starting in November there were four months of $0 monthly fees. Since it was $0 we assumed it was a peculiarity of the system. Now, however, they’ve actually started billing us monthly, which means we’re paying twice. Has anyone else seen this glitch in the billing software? We’re waiting to hear back from so hopefully it’s resolved soon, but are curious how it appears to others with paid accounts. Thanks!

Just to follow up on this, we received a sort of boilerplate response the day of this posting saying that we can manage our configuration from the team configuration page, yadda yadda. Replied three times since then without a response from Figma support. So if you do have any issues, be aware that you won’t get a resolution at all quickly. Frankly I suspect we’ll be billed again before bothers to fix this. :roll_eyes:

Love the product, but do better @figma!

If you added new editors to the team (even one file is enough), you will be billed for them on a monthly basis by default. You can check the team settings and change their billing there too:

Hi Gleb, I appreciate the response. We have never exceeded the number of editors we paid the annual fee for, and currently have fewer than that number. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to check our account where you can see the state of things and the fact that we’re being billed monthly despite this. Thanks, I hope we can resolve the issue soon.

Yeah in this case it could be a bug, so only Figma team could help, I hope they will email you back soon. Note that they usually reply within 2-3 business days.

Thank you sir! I hope so too. :slight_smile:

Another update to this. Except there is no update, because refuses to respond to our inquiries. It’s truly unbelievable that a company can purport to be a professional organization and be this terrible at supporting their clients.

Closing this out as our support team has reached back out. Again apologies on the delay in response here. :blush: