Dont work. HELP PLZ

Hello, we bought a new laptop, installed Windows 10, installed the driver on the video card, turned on WebGL. Does not work not in the software version, not in browsers, I go into the project and either blinks and freezes everything, or gives an error, please help me figure it out.
the laptop is powerful on the i7 11700
video card 3070

Hey Anastasia, thank you for reaching out! So you’ll see that error when something on your browser or network is blocking use of WegGL which Figma needs access to work. Technical Troubleshooting Tips and Configure your browser for Figma cover our requirements in more depth. Here are the links to our Help Center article:

Can you check if you see the same error in the browser — if you do, please go to and check if it shows WebGL is enabled? If you do not see a spinning cube you can enable WebGL by following the link on that page that says ‘visit the support site for your browser.’ If you see the spinning cube there, can you go to and take a screenshot of both tabs for us (WebGL 1 & 2) and contact our support team ( to let them know what Browser you have tested in?

Hope this helps!

Im testing in Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser

Thank you for checking, I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf. Our technical quality team can take a look at this. You ticket number is #850530, for reference.