Don't minimize annotations so small/arbitrarily

In the new annotations feature in dev mode, the annotations get minimized into an almost unnoticeable dot. I frequently have developers who are moving fast and miss notes even when called out larger. I shouldn’t have to expect my engineers to zoom in to 200% to see that there are multiple notes because only one is shown by default. I’d like for there to be a toggle on/off or something more prominent when minimized that shows there are annotations that must be reviewed.

In its current state I likely won’t use annotations because it won’t be prominent enough and I’ll go back to the old manual way of leaving notes.

Hi Alex!

Completely agree it’s not ideal that annotations can be missed in that way. Ideally annotations will show when appropriate.

Are you comfortable sharing a screenshot of a scenario where you’d expect annotations to show but they are not? Or even better, a file?

I’ve dm’d you if you prefer to share it directly.

Hey Roshan,

Thanks for following up. I’ll shoot over a screen recording of what I’m experiencing. Best!