Don't have access to the edit style button

I know I’m new to sigma but very very experienced UI designer. And I can’t edit style.
The button supposed to do that is just not there !

This button hasn’t been there for several years. Here is where it is:

Hey Gleb !
Thanks a lot !
I guess the documentation should be updated somehow !
And I’m wondering what what wrong with this button ! On a UI point of view it was much better than the new behaviour which is absolutely not discoverable ! (if the Figma team read that, I’m available for UX design :wink:

lolol yes they definitely need a lot of work in terms of design

Quite ironic.

OK, so that’s not only me who thinks that. That’s reassuring (for me) but I still find that very strange for guys whose work is to create a UI design application !!!
Anyway, thanks for your help !

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