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Does the developer have to pay to take the handoff and the assets, like an editor?

I am trying to convince the CEO of my organization to adopt Figma as a working tool in my UX/UI team, and he asks me if developers should also pay to get the code and assets. Is it necessary that each developer pays his fee as an editor if he only wants to collect the code?

Developers only need viewer access, not editor, so you don’t need to pay for them.

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Thanks for your response, Gleb!
In any case, developers need to log in to be able to enter the prototype and get the code, right?

Yes, they do. Viewers who are not logged in cannot view the code.

Great! Thanks a lot, Gleb! Those were the last hurdles to be able to adopt Figma in my organization, I can’t wait to get started!

Another question! Does the limit of three projects apply to the only view mode for developers?

What do you mean by that? It only applies to project creation. Since developers are not editors, they can’t create any projects or files in your team. But you can add them to any projects or files you need without limitations.

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