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Does scaling mess up font sizes? Or, how to shrink a frame and it's contents to a percent?

I’m like sooooo new to Figma - Spent about an hour in it so far… I made this, kind of, mood board / thing? Well I made the frame a bit big to begin with then I added all the stuff I wanted. I happy with the way it looks at the “zoom to fit” size but that’s 41% of the total size. Well, I kind of want to make full size be the zoom to fit (41%) size and I’m not sure how to do it. I also wonder if it will throw font sizes out of whack. I thought I could use font sizes as a reference when it comes to implementing the site but I don’t even know if that’s the best way to keep that information. I don’t want to retain original font sizes but to have the font size reflect the new / smaller size after resizing. I just don’t want weird font sizes like some big decimal or something - just an even number.


  • How to resize the whole mess?
  • How to end up with font sizes that are even numbers (or maybe it does automatically)?
  • Whether getting font sizes from properties of a design is really the right thing to do anyway?

So sorry a lot of questions because these are all new concepts and many things seem to be connected.

The screenshot below shows what I have and is zoomed to “zoom to fit” size in the screenshot…

How can reduce the size of the thing to be 41% of its full size?

Use Scale tool (K) for that. To make it precisely 41% of what it is now create another frame of the same width below it, then in the width input add *0.41 (which will make it 41% of the size) and then using the Scale tool scale your initial frame to be the same width as the dummy one below. It should snap to it, when you’re close. After that you can delete the one created below.

Hope this helps!

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I would also recommend checking out some plugins. I know there are a few scale ones out there that might be helpful. :slight_smile:


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Really appreciate all the feedback. I’m still diving deep in all my learning with Figma so I hope to try all these out more thoroughly soon.