Does figma support design operation with devices like Wacom or Huion?

Hello! Guys, wondering if anyone has faced the issues while operating in Figma with the design tablets like Wacom and Huion. Basically, I use the Huion tablet with the stylus to do my design work but with Figma, it is overshooting in drag while using the pan tool ‘It just run-off the screen’. Just want to know if it is the issue with Figma not supporting these sorts of devices?

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My Wacom Intuos 3 tablet works perfectly fine in Figma (macOS)

@Mohammed_Vasim_Ansari Did you solved this problem?

I’m using Wacom Intuos 3 and have the same problem. Every time I’m using Right Click my file freeze and I have to reload. New computer, new installation for Figma and Wacom. Nothing helps.


@Pierre_Bremell Oh sorry to hear that dear.
For me it is still the same ‘run-off the screen’ while panning around :frowning:

Have you found a solution for the issue? I have the same problem with Huion Kamvas 13

Not yet, my friend :frowning: