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Does anyone understand this new account switching feature?

I have a personal account and a corporate account. I find it disturbing that my corporate files appear in “recently viewed” when I’ve chosen my personal account, and I can select them and edit them. Is that intended behavior?

Also, in the file browser in my private account, when I hover over the “J” (for Joseph) avatar in the corner of one of the corporate files that is absurdly available, I get a flyout that says, “View Account.” Clicking on it does absolutely nothing. Goes nowhere.

How can I determine which file belongs to which account?

For instance, I’m in my personal account inside of a file, which is a corporate file absurdly available to my private account in recent history. I have nothing selected so I can see the file name at the top of the screen. To its left is a user avatar. Hovering over it just exposes “Joseph Brick,” which my name for every Figma account. Not helpful

What is going on? How did this get out the door?

This sounds like a bug, you can report it to Figma support team via the bug report form. Some video recordings would be nice as well for easier understanding of the issue.

Hi Gleb. Thanks for your response! However, I respectfully disagree. This is not a bug, it’s just poor design.

For instance, when at the file-editing level, there is no indication of which version of “Joseph Brick” I am. None. I mouse over the “J” avatar in the upper-right corner and it says “Joseph Brick,” my name for all accounts.

Example, when I’m in my recents for my private account and choose one of the (absurdly available) corporate files, behind the scenes it has probably switched my account to the corporate one. (At least I hope so because I can edit it.) But the file-editing interface gives no indication of which “Joseph Brick” account I’m in. That is not a bug. That is the actual design of the file-editing interface.

Should I report this through the same mechanism?

If you think it’s not a bug, you can create a feature suggestion on the forum so other people having the same issue could vote for your idea in the #product-ideas category.

Oh cool. Thanks, Gleb. I don’t want to seem like a complainer, but it’s baffling to me that you have no indication of which account you are in while in the File Editing interface. Especially when selecting a file from recents automatically switches accounts on me.