Document Permissions and Assuring we do not loose work

Hey everyone,

We have a question on documents that have been saved locally and the permissions around them.

We are currently working with a company that is shady at best and are about to submit the final payment to them for their services but want to assure we do not lose access to the Figma documents they created on our behalf. (There are reviews that show they have done this in the past since the documents were stored only on their account)

If we export a local copy of the documents and re-import them into our own account, is there any way they can restrict us from seeing and access these documents? Or does this mean those local documents we created are essentially our own and no one can restrict our access?

Thank you,


I do understand that they can restrict our access of any documents on their account, I am only worried what they can do one we save them locally and re-import them onto our account.

My apologies on the duplicate question. After refining my search terms I found an article that explains what I was asking. Once you import the document into your own account, it is a new and separate document that you have full control over.