Do you know a tool to generate different shades for an image or .svg?

I’ve got an .svg with a wave background:

I would like to use it as a background for… many many variations of a component.
So I need it in different shades of blue, red, purple…

Note that each of those wave-shapes is a linear-gradient.
Going into each and trying to change colors manually is tedious and it looks too clunky.
This is not a job for a human.

Do you know a tool or a Figma Plugin, that would take the svg or maybe a .png equivalent of it and generate different shades?

To answer my question:
I needed something to adjust hue.

This tool does all I need:

Alternatively in Figma, I can rasterize the .svg and change the hue with a plugin.
I used Spectrum: Spectrum | Figma Community

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