Do I Need Ui Ux Wireframes?

I am a manger in game development company. We are developing an high quality game right now.
I want to ask is it really ncessery to make ui ux wireframes of game before developing it?

“Is it really necessary” depends on how your team is structured and how certain you are about the design mechanics of the game.

If you aren’t sure how gameplay elements will be laid on on your screen or how the game will flow from screen to screen, creating wireframes (and more importantly, testing them with likely future game players) will help reduce churn in your game mechanics.

That said, if you’re a small company and your developers are pretty full stack (meaning they can design the front-end visuals fairly easily) you can go straight to code. Just know the tradeoff there is the increased probability of throwing out code as you iterate on the game.

Yeah definitely, unless you have some sort of UI design and development wizard working for you, and even they mostly use Figma (or similar) for wireframing. You should do wireframes and map out flows before that, don’t just go to the game engine.

The wireframe doesn’t have to be a high-fidelity finished design, just a simple map out of what you need (panels, tabs, buttons, nav etc). It will save you time when building something and then realising you missed a step or the UX is janky and you have to throw code away, or start again, as the @ntfromchicago says…

Also using a tool like Overflow in conjunction with Figma is a good place to start.

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