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Display problem - Library + Design panel =/= displaying content

I have a problem:
Recently I relinked library through DSO plugin, (figma doesn’t offer relinking same library to other one with different styles, components)

After this operation, I manage to link back all comonents to main one, but got a problem.
The symbol on artboard displays something different than what is in library and right panel.

And all data in library is the same as they show on right panel (design panel).
What I need to do to fix this, I need to swap in right panel symbol to same symbol again (through right panel) so the symbol can reload itself correctly with data from library.
And I need to do that for each individual asset.

Did anyone else have this problem?
Thanks in advance

This might be an issue on the plugin side of things. Might be worth reaching out to the plugin developer to see if they have any ideas.

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The problem is that, the component is linked correctly to library when I check right side panel.
It fix itself when I swap component in right panel with same component again, then it changes to the component from library.

Try to Regenerate All Instances.

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Nothing changes, can’t see difference.
I think it has something to do with overrides,
Because when I choose reset fill it changes only background color, it don’t change font color, when press RESET OVERIDES then it looks like it should, but it also reset all my states in this element, text filled, parmeters on/off, etc