Dismiss the left and right side bar option

When i set the canvas to 100%, the left side bar and the right side bar is overlapping my canvas and I can’t view my canvas and draw on my Figma.
I need to reduce the size to maybe 80% before I can view my work, but it’s just too small and hard , I need to enlarge to draw on it, then reduce the size again to move my canvas to the right part which is hidden, and enlarge again to draw it.

I don’t need the left side bar and right side bar which I almost 90% don’t use it.
Why Figma couldn’t just have the option to hide the side bar which is so irritating…

Hi @e_g ,
Thanks for your feedback. You can hide/show sidebars through the View menu or using shortcuts @ to show/hide UI. Hope it helps in the meantime!


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