Discrepancies in Figma Library Analytics

Hi Figma Community,

Upon looking at the usage data of our components within the Figma library analytics, I’ve noticed some discrepancies when delving into deeper levels of analysis.

Below, I’ve included a screenshot depicting these discrepancies at the instance level. You can observe that the total count displayed at the top doesn’t align with the sum of individual values.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey @Tarun_Ottur, this looks interesting. I’ll need to check with the team if there is an explanation for this. I’ll update you once I get more information on this. Appreciate your patience!

Thanks, Gayani.

Hey! So the team informed me that there should be a disclaimer at the bottom of that page that only the files one has access to are visible. So in your case there are a total of 13 files that use this component but you have only has access to 9 of those files. This works same for teams and Instances.

Hope this answers your question, let me know if not. Happy to help further.

Thanks for the response, Gayani. Does that mean the Design System team will have to get access to all the workspaces, teams, and files to get the complete statistics? Can there be a workaround for this since adding the design system team in all the private files might not be easy within the team.

We noticed that even the person with the Figma Organisation Admin account is seeing this discrepancy in the data. Shouldn’t the Admin given access to the entire data?

These are good questions!
Let me double check this internally. Appreciate your patience!

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Hey @Tarun_Ottur, so I got the confirmation that this is how we respect privacy in the Organization. Even if someone is an admin, they don’t have permission to see the team’s content or files unless they explicitly join.
Also additionally, some files a user may not be able to see are other user’s drafts. We’ll never show the other user’s private drafts.

So you’re right you will need to “get access to all the workspaces, teams, and files” to see the statistics. However, you won’t be able to see when someone uses these components in their draft. There is not workaround for this at the moment.

Please let me know if this answers your question.

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Hi @Gayani_S, thanks for sharing these in detail.

Hi there! My team is only on a way to try this analytics feature.
So I’m curios is it possible to see data about external team using organisation Library?

Ex: Org Plan Team (A) shared Lib with Other Pro plan Team (B), is it possible to owner of Library see components usage (if he got access to file, like you discussed here)