Disappearing pop up overlay?

Hey guys,
As a pretty new user of Figma, i’m creating a digital library system.
I’m trying to make an interaction where the user clicks on “copy” and an overlay of
“copied to the clipboard” opens up and disappears after a second or two.

I can’t seem to figure out how to do it, is it even possible?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, of course it is possible. An example file can be found here: Is there a way to add multiple interactions of the same type? - #2 by tank666

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Thanks for the reply @tank666
I looked into what you did there, the thing is - I have 2 overlays.
The first overlay swaps into the “copied to clipboard” overlay but then it just stuck.

Is there a way to make the new overlay disappear by itself?

Yes, create an After Delay trigger that goes to Close Overlay action.

I’ve had another problem of “After Delay” being disabled.
Now I’ve learned you can only use after delay on a Frame.

good job guys, thanks a lot :slight_smile: